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The Zahra Method Of Hair RemovalSugaring is an excellent alternative to waxing! Based on ancient & traditional eastern techniques which nourish the skin as well as smoothing it, Zahra brings you a method of hair removal which surpasses any you have tried before.

Sugaring is a fantastic natural way of removing unwanted hair; it is more effective than shaving & depilatory creams, as the hair is removed from the root. This means that re-growth is finer, lighter & no stubble! All parts of the body can be sugared & I treat both men & women. Sugaring is far less painful than waxing as I support the skin, also the paste sticks to the hair & not the skin so this stops unsightly bruising.

The redness fades quicker as the aftercare products I used minimise this & encourages healing. Sugaring is natural, made with Sugar, Lemon and Water so I can treat clients with sensitive skin. Sugaring improves circulation & the condition of the skin as it removes dead skin cells.

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