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About Me

Sharon is a qualified & insured Sugaring Practitioner. She passed her exams with distinction in June 2007. Sugar is Sweet is a home based business, situated in Kemptown. There are many advantages to a having a home based business, the hours are more flexible than in a salon, discreet and less intimidating than walking into a salon.

Sharon is a highly skilled hair removal expert, and believes that it is important that clients to feel relaxed. Sugaring is the only treatment that Sharon offers, as she believes that it’s better to excellent at one thing, rather than being ok at lots.

Sharon wants clients to feel at easy and assures them that they are in the hands of professional. Sharon has over 10 years of experience and has many loyal customers. Sharon remarks ‘I hear all to often from clients that they have had awful waxing experiences, but I am confident that once they have tried sugaring with me that they won’t go back to waxing and will be totally satisfied with the results’.