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Pre & Post Advice

Pre & Post Advice

Pre & Post Sugar Wax Advice

Read all the essential information below for the correct preperation before and after a sugar wax treatment at Sugar is Sweet.


Before your Sugaring Do not make an appointment in the 2 to 3 days prior to your menstruation as your body may feel particularly sensitive at this time. Do not used any bath oil, gels, moisturising cream on the areas to be treated in the 24 hours prior to your Sugaring appointment.

That includes deodorants, other than the Zahra deodorant (if you are having your underarm done). Do not make an appointment for Sugaring on any sunburned areas of the skin until it is completely healed.

After your Sugaring Do not apply perfumed products, including deodorants & anti perspirants to the area within the 48 hours after your appointment, unless using the specially formulated Zahra deodorant.

Do not expose newly treated areas to direct heat, sun light, infra-red or ultra violet light in the 24 hours after your treatment. This will help avoid skin irritation or itching. Do not go swimming or take vigorous exercise for first 24 hours after treatment. Do not be tempted to use a razor or depilatory cream between appointments.